Copenhagen’s shortcomings are no surprise

Copenhagen didnt fall short of expectations because of the difficulty of such large negotiations.  The real reasons are constantly being overlooked, and being left unspoken because they threaten the very democracy in which we all comfortably, blindly sit and nurture our putrid existence.

Copenhagen failed because neo-classical economic paradigms and capitalist “free markets” (which are anything but free, and simply wouldnt operate if they were) – which scarily, countries like India and China are now trying to emulate, at the peril of many areas of their respective societies and peoples – depend on growth and consumption, without consideration for the damage that a GDP based economy – which doesnt even provide for a means of equating environmental costs at all – is doing to our earth.

Unless economists with governments reconfigure our current greedy economic models, and move towards sustainability rather than growth, any kind of environmental “agreements” will be irrelevant, as we plunge head-on towards our destruction instead.

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