£2000 per year not much to pay for the earth

The following was written in response to an article published in the Evening Standard newspaper.  Newstand advertisements called it a “£2,000 pound per year electricity bill warning” rather than seeing it for the warning that it actually should have been…

By creating an impression of simply being a “warning” against what could be a 60 percent rise in household electricity bills, your recent front page story (£2,000 a year bill for your power – ES Friday October 9) ignores the fact that a rise in prices of goods and services that are diminishing our earth’s resources is what’s needed in order to slow the destruction of the planet we are living in.

What’s more, is that it fails to clarify that the “massive levels of investment needed” and the subsequent “high likelihood of consumer bills” is a reflection of the cost of providing cleaner, greener energy, in order to provide (and hopefully) ensure the sustainability of our earth’s resources in the future, and for generations to come.

At present, there is very little that we pay for that factors in the true cost of the damage we are causing to the planet we live in.  Politicians, economists and the media alike fail to acknowledge how much continued inefficient electricity use, and overuse (for example) costs the environment, while ignoring the limits to economic growth, and overlooking whether or not further growth or increases in supply and demand are necessary, or simply detrimental and destructive.

In the capitalist, consumer age we live in, on an ever overpopulating earth, profit margins lick their metaphoric lips at the idea of increasing supply, to support an over-demand.  – And this excess in demand, is clearly now what we are insisting of our earth and its resources, all the while ignoring the drastic environmental costs of our choices.

“£2,000 per year for your power bill” should herald a change of thinking where humanity becomes more aware of the factors in our lives that are contributing to the diminishing of life’s existence; where we accept that a rise in price should promote a decrease in consumption and where we finally accept that we should be paying the true cost – i.e. a price that tells the ecological truth about the products that we are buying – for goods and services that we desire and need.

It’s time that our consciousness shifted towards accepting responsibility for the costs of our footprint on the earth, rather than choosing to pass it on to future generations – lest we witness our own, unsustainable demise.

published in the telegraph.co.uk

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