Are some of us blind to the waste-creating ways of consumerism?

Amongst just eight people or so on a recent night of a few drinks at a friend’s place, we managed to amass around a cubic metre of waste without even trying.  I was amazed, and the rest of us were made aware when i exclaimed look how much waste we’ve created in just one night! …

I saw the front of a magazine today.  A magazine that i assume, is aimed at up and coming businesses and entrepreneurs, and profiled (i assume) successful businesses, business men and women.  “Nokia is creating 13 phones every second” its CEO (or similar figure) quoted on the front cover, told us “we will soon be the biggest entertainment network in the world”. Impressive for some. – What do you think?  Consume, create, stimulate, grow? Or will it only impress a certain mind?  And for the risk of making a sweeping generalisation, what does it imply about the target audience?  Do i really care about making sweeping generalisations?  Is it not better that you (the reader) think about this situation (at the very least) and come to your own conclusion.  At least you’ve cogitated.

My most immediate thought was i wonder how many tonnes of landfill and waste those phones and their components and accessories will create? So it caused me to write this bunch of lines and words forming sentences and paragraphs…

Create, consume, grow, stimulate, pollute, ignore, prosper, die…

2 thoughts on “Are some of us blind to the waste-creating ways of consumerism?

  1. On “Create, consume, grow, stimulate, pollute, ignore, prosper, die…”

    consider “re-create or generate; consume to pollute ver consume to grow; stimulate to animate and encourage; cleanse instead of polluting to descecrate, pervert and mistreat; educate instead of ignore; flourish and flower because you’re fit, careful, bright and you are a son of the universe and you have a role to play.

    • my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, massive sections of the world’s population need to be mobilised towards this thinking. The world and its resources – hence, humanity – is coming nearer and nearer its tipping point…

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