What’s wrong with the kids?

Currently researching a piece for a writer’s website addressing the causes of youth crime in the UK, I am testing an hypothesis that irresponsible, ill-prepared parents are more to blame than anything else.  – It sounds like a surefire winner in terms of approach, but there are many aspects of society and youth that can be addressed and attacked.

Be that as it may, a little moment today afforded me some confidence in my theory:  Velour-clad, ridden with cheap makeup and over-laquered hair all framed with excessively plucked eyebrows, on a canvas of whiter than white pale skin, a 20 something mother pushed her (maybe) 2 year old in his pram weaving through the usual crowd at King’s Cross underground station, her 5 year old, wandering as though lost, but bewildered beside her.  With any luck, her children’s lives would be low-class forever, their education spawning from the woman who was literally screaming “Fuck you, you fucking bastards!” at another commuter.  When she wasnt satisfied that she’d conveyed her needless anger enough, she spun around from the direction she was heading to unleash another tirade of fucks, cunts, bastards and motherfuckers.

She then realised that her fury had led her to the wrong platform, and began muttering swear-words to herself.

A stampede of graceful linguistics and calm manner that her children will no doubt grow to inherit and share with the world around them.

It is this kind of grass-roots education that will ensure that the UK’s youth will continue to share news headlines with our most upstanding member’s of society.  And dont they do it well.

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