Fashion sucks. A disease.

Its amazing how people change at the whim of alcohol.  How its supply can turn a whole group of people into frenzied animals, like a nazi dictator whipping his brainwashed nation into a fury of unbridled and unjustified hate and ill-manner.  Disgusting really.

After working some of this city’s most massive parties as part of the prestigious London Fashion Week, i have been privvy to some of the most disgusting displays of uncivilised behaviour ever known to man.  And I dont exaggerate.  Not in this case anyway.

At the crux of this whole abomination was alcohol.  People fiending over it, screaming for it, pushing, shoving and yelling for it, like it was the only chance they had at lasting another minute on this godforsaken and greed inpsired earth of ours.  Like they were choking to death on the endless amounts of shit that they ingest and regurgitate, and they needed alcohol to wash their mouths clean.  People who, because of the industry they thrive and live in, because of the vacuous, ass-licking, ass-kissing, physcophantic, back-stabbing world they live in, because of the selfish, mannerless, materialistic, shallow, superficial pool they swim in, and people who because of the influential, artistic, cultured and culturing work they carry out, should be seen to be displaying the utmost in civilised behaviour, simply behaved like deranged and brutish animals.

If only they could have seen themselves. –  And there’s every chance that their vanity led them to do so, but the darkness inside their own anal columns, where their heads were firmly lodged, surely obscured their view from the world outside. – Reality. – Something with which they are all so obviously disconnected with.

With free alcohol on offer, these people at the forefront of cultured and artistic society soon saw it fit to push people out of the way to get to the front of the bar; to swipe handfulls of other peoples drinks if they werent quick enough to get them themselves; they saw it fit to thump their fists on the bar yelling “Give me some fucking alcohol!” (and that was just the girls) all while making complete, drunk cunts of themselves, without a single shred of gratitude to the service that we were giving them, and the party that they were having, thanks to us.  Please and thankyou aside (or lack of it), the stampede that was their behaviour was truly beyond belief.  For hours.

It may sound like im blaming alcohol for this demise.  For their demise.  But take a case where ive been lucky enough to host other parties of similar size and intent, with a crowd that those i was serving on the weekend would excrete on from their position on the social and economic ladder (or so they think).  Free drinks, loud music, high spirits, and plenty of thankyous, patience, understanding, help and respect, on the contrary.  – It wasnt just the alcohol.

The fashion industry needs to take a long hard look at itself and who is representing it:  A bunch of self-indulgent, deranged, delusional, putrid, weak, superfical, uncivilised, vacuous, self-important, animal wannabes.  And for the beautiful ones: congratulations on a successful trip down the birthcanal, and living long enough to exploit the looks that your gene pool gifted you with.  You’ve worked hard not to die.

The industry and its peers need to realise that much of the false sense of importance that they all inherit is simply because they feed each other endless lies, with only intention of personal gain.  Lets face it, you’re probably not really as good as you think you are, everyone just tells you that so you think they’re your ally, so they can rape you when you’re drunk.  Thankyou for everything.

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