al-Megrahi’s release still being exploited

In the wake of revelation after revelation of the British government’s relationship with Libya – magnified by struggling politicians jostling for public support and opinion – many simple facts are being misconstrued or completely ignored, while the relevance of the dying Abdel Baset al-Megrahi’s release is being further and further stretched.

Whether deals with ministers were (as the Evening Standard of September 15 has reported) “stuck before Lockerbie bomber was set free”, and “special forces [are] training Libyan troops”, or “Britain is supporting Libya’s bid to join the WTO” or any of this is a “strategy of appeasement” should be totally irrelevant to the matter of the Lockerbie bomber’s release.

Nevertheless, fingers are constantly being pointed and questions are constantly being asked of the Scottish government and the British Prime minister with relation to al-Megrahi, like a sadistic, belligerent child, kicking a wounded and defenceless dog.

The simple facts of the matter are that irrespective of trade deals and appeasement, people (especially the politically weak) are neglecting to see the fact that al-Megrahi is a dying man from a country that suffered years of crippling sanctions due to the weak convictions of a man whose guilt still hasn’t been proven beyond reasonable doubt.  His case has been well known to be full of holes and a distinct lack of credible evidence, and his compassionate release also operates completely within the bounds of Scottish (and British) law.

Perhaps an independent inquiry is needed to address the dishonesty of our politicians, but using al-Megrahi as a pawn to pull political favour is a hopeless attempt at political muck-racking and merely a self-righteous, fact-dodging and abrasive ploy that its proponents should be ashamed of, and that the public will surely find baseless once al-Megrahi dies.

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