Lies and coverups from the top

In the quickly ebbing and flowing wake of investigations into British and American intelligence operations with regard to terror suspects and detainees, accusations of illegal and undisclosed means of interrogation are becoming rife.

From the MI5 to the CIA, investigations are being leaked, reports are being published and legal proceedings are taking place.

The Uk Guardian’s front page yesterday printed headlines reporting that CIA interrogators “made threats to kill families of detainees”.  The internal CIA report stated that interrogators, prying for information “threatened Khalid Sheikh Mohammed” who is said to have masterminded the September 11 attacks saying “we’re going to kill your children” if there was another attack on the US.

Other Al-Qaida leaders were interrogated under instructions to imply that they were going to “sexually abuse female relatives in front of the detainee”.

The report – which has been released due to court action being sought by a legal rights group – even quoted the concerns of some of the interrogating officers, one saying that “ten years from now we’re going to be sorry we’re doing this”.

Not isolated incidents (the report documented “unauthorised, improvised and inhumane” techniques being used at Guantanamó and secret prisons around the world) the interrogators were also reported as having brought power drills and handguns into interrogation rooms, as well as staging mock executions in order to force information out of suspected terrorists.

Abuse of power has been going on behind closed doors, ever since it has been wielded.  Too infrequently however, are these powerful people questioned or confronted.  Too often does the general public merely accept what we are fed, entrusting people who arent necessarily as self-righteous as they like to seem with pursuing public interest, following rules and in this case especially – extracting information.

Whats more is that these people walking the hallowed corridoors in the offices where our countries are run, are trying to cover up their misdemeanours, the Guardian reporting that the CIA “fought for years to keep secret” the internal document which clearly shows officers going beyond what is acceptable.

Makes you wonder just how often these things are happening, and how little that we all know?  – If you dont, you should.  Fact is, we will be told what those in power really want us to hear, unless we look ourselves and seek the truth amongst the lies and the misconstrued.

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