Safety devices clearly not all that’s needed

Installing devices on buses to monitor the erratic or dangerous or unsafe actions of its drivers is all well and good.  Who says they will improve the passenger experience? Fair enough, we’ve all had encounters with less than skillful driving – probably more than once – but who can be blamed for what may end up being unsafe or “erratic”?  I’m sure that sometimes there are factors that are out of the driver’s control.

There must be certain procedures, tests and levels applied before a driver can arm himself with an empty nine and a half tonne bright red box, fill it with people, and drive it down London’s congested, unfriendly, often all too narrow streets?

Maybe reviewing the system of accreditation to become a bus driver would be money better spent, and we can save on these seemingly unnecessary, even superfluous devices? – All this before the driver hits the road, when the trouble they are causing is already a hindrance to other road users.

Anyway, for all the random fluctuations in speed, sudden braking, closing of doors and driving off just before or during boarding, or the unexplained random pauses at bus stands we’ve experienced, I’m sure that we would all  trade a device (and I speak on behalf of the general public) to monitor dangerous driving or unsafe actions, for one that monitors punctuality, a sense of urgency and the amount of consideration being made on the driver’s part, for the fact that many people use transport as a means of getting somewhere within a certain timeframe.

I get the feeling all too often, that most bus drivers operate their vehicles as though they are on some kind of never-ending, repetitive and monotonous journey to their death, oblivious to the fact that the temporary inhabitants of the world which they control are on their way to somewhere else, and not actually enslavened in the same warm seat, soon to be on their way back to where they came from.

I certainly don’t intend to degrade the job that these men and women do or indeed, the importance of safety on our roads.  The main point here is simply that operating public transport in a safe, as well as a timely manner is an essential public service.  Public transport’s governing bodies need to ensure that all aspects of this system are functioning correctly.

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