Call and response

In response to my article on Binge drinking in the Uk (London Paper July 22 -& seen here below) the outraged Tim Fish, 2 days later, wrote in with the following

Here is my reponse:

I am always hesitant to needlessly list statistics, but after Tim Fish (Raise your glass to happy hour July 24th) implied I was an inhabitant of another planet, and cited the cost of an “average pint in London” to be “£4 and a double spirit and mixer in excess of £6”, I thought it necessary to quote directly just a few examples of what I was alluding to.  It seems that Tim Fish, “Journalist” is one that shies away from factual, logical information and simple research.

Might I also add that Tim couldn’t pass comment on the 6 for 5 deals, common at all off licenses – because there are no grounds for his feeble argument in this instance.  What’s more, his cries for an “intelligent approach” [to London’s drink problem] saw a distinct lack of offer for any solution on his part.

So: Short of finding solid evidence of my vodka red bull claim (something I quoted from an astounded memory), Dirty Martini in Covent Garden does happy hours with half price bottles of wine and £3.95 martinis (anywhere from 50-80ml of pure or slightly diluted spirit).  The generator in Russell Square sells pints all day at £1.50.  The Roxy’s happy hour offers £7 bottles of wine and 2 for 1 Kronenburgs and Strawberry Moons has 17 different cocktails for £3.95 during their happy hour.

Average prices here (even the slightly inflated prices that Tim quoted) are average prices worldwide.  – In the US and Australia, you pay more of their respected local currency for even less than 50ml.  The point of what I was saying aren’t the pleas of a “boring do-gooder complaining about the curse of alcohol on society, trying to control [your] lives” – it’s the voice of simple common sense, and a knowledge of countries were irresponsible service and sale is severely reprimanded by the law.  Unlike here.

The NHS quotes the following:  UK males binge drink on 40% of drinking occasions and females 22% – by far the highest statistics of any country (France, Italy and Germany recorded figures as low as 9% for males and 6% for females).  If these figures (and the obvious health problems and mortality rate) aren’t enough to open Tim’s mind, how about the fact that government reports say that alcohol abuse costs Britain £20billion a year, £1.7billion of which is paid for by you and I.

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